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Top 10 Free Movies Download Sites for Mobile Phones Users

by Asif Jamil 28 Dec 2021

Watching favorite movies in our leisure time is the best activity we all love to do. But every one of us is not able to buy tickets and enjoy movies in the cinema hall. Especially in this pandemic situation, it's not safe to go outside to watch a movie. Then how you can enjoy your leisure time? Don’t worry because I have alternative ideas for you. You can enjoy your favorite movies on your phone or tablet at home after downloading them. After downloading movies we can get rid of annoying ads. Also, live streams cause loss of mobile data. 

Free movies download sites for mobile phones

You might be wondering how to download movies on mobile phones for free? In this article, I am going to reveal the top 10 best free movie download sites for mobile phones. You can explore these sites one by one to download and enjoy your favorite movies without buying a ticket or spending hours outside the cinema. If some of these sites don’t work for you, you can use any VPN to unlock the sites that are blocked in your country. 

1. 1337x Torrent Movies

1337x is the top recommendation when it comes to downloading free movies on android phone resolution. You can download your favorite movies conveniently according to the resolution of your smartphone. You can also use the BitTorrent app to download movies on your mobile phone with appropriate resolution. But 1337x allows you to download any movie at any resolution for different devices. 1337x keeps updating its site to upload fresh content. 

2. YouTube

YouTube has gained a lot of fame after the pandemic because people use to spend most of their time using this app/website. This app is reliable because people used to download movies from other sites and upload them on YouTube. Therefore, there are chances you can find your favorite movie available in parts or full on YouTube. YouTube also allows you to save your videos to watch offline but it might restrict the quality. If you want to download your movie without getting its quality affected then use a companion site. You can either use a YouTube video downloader or any other relevant app. 

3. VidMate

I personally use VidMate because of its user-friendly interface. It allows you to download your favorite movies with just one click. VidMate is getting familiar day by day due to its ease of use and updated media content. On this website, you will find your favorite Hollywood and Bollywood movies to download. For a mobile phone, you can download the apk file to download your favorite movies. Search your favorite movie, select the resolution and click to download. With these simple steps, you can download and enjoy your favorite movies. 

4. My Download Tube

This is my favorite choice because it allows me to download movies on both my android and desktop. This site has the best collection of both Hollywood and Bollywood movies. This means you can now enjoy your favorite movies in your native language without spending a single penny. This site allows you to choose from various resolutions to get your preferred video quality. This is the best site because it shows some important information regarding reviews, plots, ratings, and summaries. 

5. DivX Crawler

DivX Crawler is the best choice when it comes to downloading your favorite movies in appropriate formats. It allows you to choose the specific video format and resolution. You can download all classic, old and new movies from this site. It offers you movies available in different formats such as MP4, MPEG, MOV, 3GP, etc. Also, the files are in a compressed size that enhances the downloading speed. 

6. HD Mp4 Mania

You can discover a huge variety of movies there available in different formats. You can find Chinese, Korean, Hollywood, and Bollywood movies available in different formats and resolutions. You can download movies in high quality and compressed size that fits your smartphone screen. If you love to watch and download movies on your smartphones then this site is the ideal option for you. 

7. House Movie

House Movies is another great option to download your favorite movies on smartphones and desktops. This site allows you to explore and download different categories such as Hollywood, Bollywood, TV shows, and regional movies. This site doesn’t only allow you to download your favorite movies but it also offers some important details such as plot, rating, reviews, and summary. You can also select the resolution and quality of your video before downloading it. 

8. FZ Movies

FZ Movies got down for a while but now it's back with its amazing features. Its library is updated with various Hollywood, Bollywood, and regional movies. If you don’t remember the title of your movie you can use alternative ways such as director name and start cast. This is a great option to find your favorite movies even if their name is not handy. It offers you great quality services for a mobile phone screen. If you love to watch movies on your mobile screen then FZ Movies is for you. 

9. Mobile Movies

As the name suggests it is the best site for mobile phone users. Ou can search and download your favorite Hollywood, Bollywood, and regional movies on desired formats and resolutions. The regional movies section includes Bengali, Marathi, and other Bollywood movies. This site also features dual audio Hindi-English movies, and Hindi dubbed movies. 

10. AVI Mobile Movies

AVI Mobiles Movies is the best site for mobile phone users that allows them to download their favorite movies and TV shows with specific quality and resolution. It allows you to download Hollywood, Bollywood, and south Indian movies. Other than movies you can also download TV shows, animated movies, and other shows. You can also download cricket matches and WWE videos by using AVI Mobiles Movies. 

Final Word 

There is a lot of torrent movie download sites available. We have listed the top 10 best free movie downloading sites according to their efficiency and quality. you may find different categories of movies and TV shows. But there is one common thing, all sites work perfectly with mobile phones. You can easily download movies on your smartphone. 

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