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Maxfone Max 10s Specification 6.6" HD Water drop screen 3350mAh battery Front: 5mp/ back: 5mp Fingerprint recognition Now a days people, especially youngsters are thinking that phone is their identity. It is quite true, because...

Maxfone Max 10s Specification

  • 6.6" HD Water drop screen
  • 3350mAh battery
  • Front: 5mp/ back: 5mp
  • Fingerprint recognition

Now a days people, especially youngsters are thinking that phone is their identity. It is quite true, because we buy phone according to our personality. People did not think about their need, they try to find a communicative gadget who can enhance their style, personality and obviously looks also. JK Phones understand their customers and their priorities that’s why our mobiles are designed to cover all aspects of style and looks of our customers.
Maxfone Max10s is such a dramatic mobile gadget who can detect your fingerprint, yes, fingerprint recognition with 6.6” HD water drop screen technology. Max10s has 3350mAh battery with front back both 5mp camera. And this amazing mobile is available in only R1,300.00. not only this but JK Phone’s Max10s includes A Series, Accessories, Batteries, Bluetooth Devices and cables are also with this product.
So now you want online shopping, order your food, booking of your favorite resort, or want to play any game or watching any movie, Max10s is best option that can fulfill all your needs and cover your style as well.



How to clean phone covers?

Summer is on its full stream. Corona and Germs are everywhere, now a days people are more concern about their health safety and hygienic conditions. That’s why this is a good time to clean your mobile phone cover. Always remember that never use harsh cleaning solution to clean your mobile cover or case, as this could damage your case’s finishing and also can damage your mobile phone or its screen as well. So, whenever you plan to clean your mobile phone case or cover use neat and clean microfiber cloth.
Now let’s start how to clean mobile phone cover. Use a mixture of any mild soap or any liquid dish soap but make sure that soap must be free of phosphates, fragrance or any dyes. Take some warm water to create a gentle cleaning solution. If your mobile has any dirty nooks, you can soak it in this mild soap solution for 10 to 15 min. now take a soft-bristled scrub brush or a toothbrush in your soap mixture and clean from inside and outside of your mobile case. You can gently rub your case until all dirt or dirty dots are not disappeared.
Now moving towards next step, let it dry. Your mobile case should be dry completely so that your mobile remains safe from any sort of moisture or anything.

Where to buy phone covers near me?

There are many shops in market and mobile dealers who have some very creative and beautiful covers for your mobile. Vice versa there are many online websites who are selling some very beautiful and trendy mobile cases like Flipkart,,, Case able, and many else.

How much do phone covers cost?

There are many mobile case shops and websites that offers different mobile case with different rates. It depends on your mobile and your choice that what you choose. Usually, a normal mobile phone case starts from R199.

Which phone covers are best?

Mobile phone covers ensures that your device is protected. In year 2022, we can say that best mobile phone case is that who can protect your mobile from any accidental effect. Ultimately, the best phone case for you depends on what you want from your device.

Why do phones covers turn yellow?

Normally, the clear phone cases are made from silicone, that turn yellow as they age. Silicone is flexible, inexpensive and durable. That’s why mostly people select this product. But as time goes on this silicone-based product changes its color.

What are phone covers made of?

Normally, phone covers are made of Silicone. Silicone is flexible, inexpensive and durable. In case of any accident, Silicone case protect your mobile from any damage.

Which covers are best for phone?

Now a days there are many different types of cases available in the market. But according to a research report, Silicone is best as mobile case. Because it can protect your mobile and long lasting also.

What’s the difference between a phone case and a phone cover?

Cases are usually hard and retain shape of mobile well without damaging or DE. Shaping mobile. But covers are based on Silicone. It is durable and protect mobile from back side.

Why do transparent phone covers turn yellow?

Transparent phone covers are made from Silicone, as the time moves on, transparent phone covers turn yellow. Your mobile phone covers turning yellow is a sign of the material degrading. But it is a truth that Silicone based mobile covers are washable and easy to handle and use. And also, non-expensive.

Which is the best back cover for I-phone?

A good case can enhance the life of your I-phone. We are talking about good case, not the expensive or modern or fashionable. Silicone based mobile covers are best as I-phone back covers. Because these covers can protect your iphone from any damage.

Are rubber or hard cases better?

It depends on your use of mobile. But as per the research rubber based mobile covers are best for any mobile. Rubber makes a better shock absorbent phone case than a plastic. So definitely a thicker case is better but a sleek case is better than none at all.

Which is better Silicone or rubber?

Silicone based mobile covers are best in use and are more durable and effective in working. Rubber based mobile covers have poor weather resistance but excellent in compression set. Not only this but rubber-based covers can handle -50 degree to 80 degree centigrade whereas Silicone based mobile covers can handle -50 degree centigrade to 230 degrees centigrade. And also, Silicone based covers have excellent weather resistance.

How can you tell if something is Silicone or rubber?

The key difference between rubber and Silicone is that most of rubber contain polymer chains of carbon however Silicone contains silicone and oxygen. Both rubber and Silicone are elastomers.