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Android 9.0 5.5 inch Display Quad Core Processor 5.0 MP Camera 2GB RAM 8GB ROM 2800 MAH Battery A mobile phone is one of the basic requirements of our routine life. Every person who has...
  • Android 9.0
  • 5.5 inch Display
  • Quad Core Processor
  • 5.0 MP Camera
  • 2800 MAH Battery

A mobile phone is one of the basic requirements of our routine life. Every person who has to meet the requirements of the modern world must have a phone. But mobile phones of the modern world are expensive and equipped with high-end features. Due to high-end features, the prices of mobile phones have also risen to a high extent. Everyone cannot afford to buy expensive phones. There are also some cheap phones in the market but they don’t promise quality performance. If you want to enjoy top-quality features without crossing your budget limits then you can try MiOne Q10. 


MiOne Q10

MiOne Q10 is one of the best phones in the market at reliable costs. This would make you fall in love with its smooth and sleek design. MiOne Q10 allows you to deal with the modern requirements of this era without sacrificing your budget limits. You can deal with your business, job, and other activities through MiOne Q10. At this lowest possible cost, you are allowed to enjoy a touchscreen phone. You can do fun with the MiOne Q10 touch screen phone without having any trouble with cost. It doesn’t lack any features that can prevent you from enjoying modern technology. 

MiOne Q10 Design and Display 

You would love the new exciting design of MiOne Q10. Its awesome color scheme combining two vibrant colors black and blue gives a stunning finish. Gradient blue and black give a refreshing and comforting look. Curved edges make it easy to hold. Perfectly ergonomic design with proper size and design make it easy to carry while walking. MiOne Q10 features 5.5 inches medium-sized display for comfortable and reliable use. It looks stylish smartphone in your hands without having a bulky or large body. 

Sensors and a front camera are mounted on the top of the MiOne Q10 body along with the phone speaker. One rear camera with four lenses is mounted on the back of the body. The combination of black and blue gives professional aesthetics and the logo of MiOne Q10 is printed in the back in white color. 

MiOne Q10 Specs 

Battery Performance 

MiOne Q10 is equipped with a 2800mAh battery to run all the apps smoothly. It might be weaker than the batteries of high-end phones. Don’t forget to compare the prices while comparing the features and performance factors. Still, MiOne Q10 is offering you a phone with almost all the modern features you see in expensive phones. A 2800mAh battery can perform best if you don’t put a burden on your phone. It can run the apps smoothly without affecting the overall performance. 

Storage and Speed 

Storage is one of the most important factors when you buy a phone. Most of the cheap phones in the market lack enough storage. You cannot install and use social media apps on them. You also need to remove large files to install new apps or files. But not in the case of MiOne Q10. MiOne Q10 offers you an 8GB ROM that allows you to store multiple apps and files. You can install and run all of the social media apps smoothly. You can download movies and enjoy them without having an active internet connection. 

As for speed, MiOne Q10 offers you 2GB RAM which is unexpected at this price. Speed matters a lot when you buy a new phone. Mobile phones start hanging after some interval of time. Speed becomes a reason to throw out an old phone and buy a new one. That’s why MiOne Q10 offers you a better experience of speed. The quad-core processor enables MiOne Q10 to work in different conditions without getting hanged. 

MiOne Q10 Camera 

MiOne Q10 offers you a front and back camera to click photos and selfies. At this price, you are allowed to capture each moment with great accuracy. MiOne Q10 is designed with a 5MP main camera to click photos and record videos. You can also take selfies with friends with the 2MP front camera. This means you can enjoy all moments with great accuracy without spending thousands of Rand. MiOne Q10 is designed especially for those who can’t afford high-end phones. It makes it possible that you to enjoy all of the features without crossing your budget limits. 

MiOne Q10 Connectivity Options 

It is a low-cost phone but doesn’t underestimate its features and performance factors. MiOne Q10 allows you to enjoy high-speed internet being 4G LTE enabled phone. Other than mobile data you can enjoy WiFi internet. You can also transfer files and connect wireless devices to your phone with its Bluetooth feature. The mobile hotspot feature makes your phone a WiFi device through which you can share your data with your friends. 


How much is MiOne Q10 in South Africa? 

MiOne Q10 is available at only 1000 Rand with amazing features and specs. It doesn’t miss a single feature from camera to speed to give you an enhanced quality experience without crossing your budget limit. 

Can we use MiOne Q10 for gaming? 

Yes, you can use MiOne Q10 for gaming thanks to its quad-core processor and 2GB RAM. But it has 8GB ROM which means you cannot install multiple heavy games at one time. But still, you can enjoy one game at one time. 

Can I enjoy high-speed internet with MiOne Q10? 

Yes, MiOne Q10 is a 4G enabled dual SIM supporting phone that allows you to enjoy high-speed internet. 

Final Word 

When you don’t have enough budget to buy a high-end phone like Samsung or iPhone then choose MiOne Q10. Students who have to shift their studies online can try MiOne Q10. It is a reliable phone that can give you a smooth experience. If you don’t install too many games or apps you can use your phone without facing any problems. It keeps running smoothly until you load it with a lot of mobile games or apps.