Nokia 3.2

Nokia 3.2


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Nokia 3.2 Key Specs 6.2 inch IPS Display Android 9.0 Dual Sim Card  Quad core processor 16GB Internal Memory 2GB RAM Expandable memory 4G LTE 13MP Back Camera 5MP Front Camera 4000 mAh Non Removable...

Nokia 3.2 Key Specs

  • 6.2 inch IPS Display
  • Android 9.0
  • Dual Sim Card 
  • Quad core processor
  • 16GB Internal Memory
  • 2GB RAM
  • Expandable memory
  • 4G LTE
  • 13MP Back Camera
  • 5MP Front Camera
  • 4000 mAh Non Removable Battery
  • Bluetooth/Wifi/GPS/Radio

Accessories: Phone Charger, Earphones, USB Cable

Thinking about buying a new smartphone? There is no best option other than Nokia because it is one of the oldest reliable mobile phone brands in the market. Nokia has been offering high-quality smartphones and devices at reliable prices. Whenever it comes to mobile phone durability, we trust Nokia. Nokia has been there in the market for decades. Nokia is known for down prices and high-quality appliances. You can find a wide variety of smartphones varying from button pads to high-end touch screen mobile phones. Nokia never makes its customers regret their choice. 


Nokia 3.2 Smartphone 

Look no further when Nokia is offering a high-end mobile phone equipped with all top-notch features. Nokia 3.2 is designed with cutting-edge technology that makes it meet your everyday requirements. You can walk with confidence because Nokia 3.2 is equipped with the required modern features and specs. You would never go to other brands after trying the Nokia 3.2. This mobile phone offers you all the modern features you find in high-end phones that cost hundreds of dollars. Reliable smartphone brand offers a reliable product to the customers. From its external design to the internal features everything is adorable in Nokia 3.2. 

Nokia 3.2 Design and Display 

Nokia always makes attractive designs that look aesthetically beautiful. Other than aesthetics you need ergonomics too. Its curved edges make it an ergonomic mobile phone. The design allows you to hold the phone with comfort without getting fatigued. The sleek smooth back finishing gives a stunning look. The smooth and glossy black finish adds an element of style. You would love its aesthetics. 

Other than aesthetics you can enjoy your favorite movies and shows on a wider screen. Nokia is designed with 6.2 inches wider screen so that you enjoy your favorite shows, movies, and games on a wider screen. Nokia 3.2 never misses a single shot by delivering an HD-quality display. 

Nokia 3.2 Specs

When it comes to specs and features Nokia 3.2 wins every race. Nokia offers all quality specs and features that help you meet all the modern-day requirements. You are never left behind when you have Nokia 3.2 in your hands. It enables you to win every race of life without getting low on budget. Here are some of its top-notch features worth mentioning. 

Storage and Speed 

When it comes to storage you never compromise. Storage is one of the most common reasons for buying a new phone. You have to store big media files on your smartphone whether you are a student or a businessman. We do multiple business-related tasks on our phones. People have started and running successfully their e-commerce stores through their smartphones. At this level of mobile phone engagement, you cannot rely on a low-quality mobile phone having insufficient storage capability. Nokia 3.2 offers you 16GB expandable internal memory with 2GB RAM. 2GB RAM is enough to run all the functions smoothly. It allows you to download and upload big media files. 

Nokia 3.2 Camera 

Nokia 3.2 doesn’t limit your creativity and allows you to capture your precious moments with great accuracy. You can capture each moment with high accuracy and great precision. You can fulfill your dreams of becoming a successful social media influencer. You can explore the hidden treasures of nature and share them with the world. Become a treasure hunter by keeping Nokia 3.2 in your hands. Let the world watch the beauty of your countryside. Capture and share beautiful moments of your life without any issue. 

Nokia 3.2 offers you a 13MP rear camera to shoot every single video professionally. Click every photo like a professional photographer. You can also click selfies a with 5MP front camera. With this camera quality, you are allowed to live the ideal life. 

Nokia 3.2 Battery Performance

Battery performance is one of the crucial factors you cannot miss while choosing a new phone. Nokia always manufactures mobile phones equipped with reliable and durable batteries. You will never see a Nokia phone lacking battery performance. Without a durable and reliable battery, you cannot enjoy mobile phone features. You cannot even turn it on without inserting a battery. Battery specifications are necessary while mentioning mobile phone specs. Nokia 3.2 is equipped with a 4000mAh battery that lasts throughout the day. It operates all the functions smoothly and runs throughout the day. 

Nokia 3.2 Connectivity 

You get unlimited connectivity options with Nokia 3.2. It is 4G enabled allowing you to enjoy fast-speed internet without any issue. Other than mobile data you get options for using Ethernet through Wi-Fi. You can also share your own mobile data through the mobile hotspot function. Other than that you get GPS, Radio, and Bluetooth connectivity options. In short, you get connected to the world every single moment. 


Can we use Nokia 3.2 for gaming? 

Yes, you can use Nokia 3.2 for gaming thanks to its 16GB ROM and 2GB RAM that supports length mobile apps. 

Can we download social media apps on Nokia 3.2? 

Yes, you can install all of the modern social media apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc…

Can we do multitask with Nokia 3.2? 

Yes, multitasking is possible with Nokia 3.2 thanks to its 2GB RAM. but if you want to keep your phone in optimal condition then consider storage cleaner after every use. 

Can we do live streaming with Nokia 3.2? 

Yes, you can do everything with Nokia 3.2 whether it's about live streaming, video calling, data sharing, file transferring, etc… 

Final Word

Overall Nokia 3.2 is one of the best mobile phones in the market out there. You get a reliable, durable, and affordable mobile phone. at this price, you are allowed to taste all the modern features and specs available in high-end mobile phone brands. You never lack storage, speed, and durability when you have Nokia 3.2 in your hands. If you love to keep mobile phones for a longer period then choose Nokia 3.2. Nokia is a well-know manufacturer that is famous for making reliable and durable products.