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6.5 inch IPS Display Android 10 Dual Sim Card  8GB Internal Memory 1GB RAM 5MP Back Camera 5MP Front Camera 3750 mAh Removable Battery Fingerprint Unlock Bluetooth/Wifi/GPS Accessories: Cover, Screen Protector, Battery, Charger Oale keeps...
  • 6.5 inch IPS Display
  • Android 10
  • Dual Sim Card 
  • 8GB Internal Memory
  • 1GB RAM
  • 5MP Back Camera
  • 5MP Front Camera
  • 3750 mAh Removable Battery
  • Fingerprint Unlock
  • Bluetooth/Wifi/GPS
  • Accessories: Cover, Screen Protector, Battery, Charger

Oale keeps moving forward by manufacturing top-quality products. Oale offers high-quality mobile phones at reliable rates so that everyone regardless of his income can afford them. From businessmen to students Oale has a collection for everyone. Oale manufactures durable mobile phones that are equipped with modern features to make your life comfortable. With its top-notch features and specs, you would fall in love. This brand never misses a single feature to upgrade your lifestyle. You would forget about the cost you spent to buy that phone when you will see it.

Oale DB1 

Oale presents the DB series to meet your modern-day requirements without making your pocket empty. High-end features are offered at a very reasonable price by Oale to satisfy its customers. You get Oale DB1 in unique color combinations. With amazing features and cutting-edge technology you never miss a single moment. Oale DB1 allows you to enjoy every moment of your life without sacrificing your budget. You can also get the Oale DB1 in your favorite color combinations. It gives a new look to your overall appearance and adds more glamour. With a top-quality smartphone, you experience the real joy of life. 


Oale DB1 Design 

Oale DB1 comes in a classy design with a sleek smart appearance. Its smooth back finishing makes it an awesome choice. Moreover, its widescreen allows you to enjoy your favorite programs and games. Other than the screen it provides you comfort while holding your phone. The Oale DB1 is designed with curved edges that add more comfort. Its ergonomic design allows you to hold your phone without getting fatigued. With sleek and smooth finishing DB1 looks cool and gives your personality a stunning aspect. It is available in three vibrant colors silver, blue and black. A glossy back body finish looks stunning. 

Oale DB1 Display  

Oale DB1 allows you to enjoy your favorite movies and games on a wider screen. It features a 6.5 inch IPS display that is quite shocking. At this price, you can give your favorite shows a cinematic effect and enjoy live streaming with high-quality resolution. It turns your ordinary photos and videos into high-quality data with the great display quality. These days we cannot go outside for a movie. At this moment Oale DB1 takes care of your emotions and gives you full entertainment without sacrificing quality. 

Oale DB1 Key Features  

Speed and Storage 

In a mobile phone, storage matters the most because you cannot get satisfied without saving your precious moments. You change mobile phone due to two main reasons storage and speed. If your new phone lacks both features then there is no use in spending money. Therefore Oale DB1 offers you an 8GB ROM to store your precious moments with friends and family. Not enough? Don’t worry it is expandable. You can insert a micro SD card and enjoy unlimited storage. Oale DB1 offers you 1GB RAM to run all the applications and phone functions smoothly. 

Oale DB1 Camera  

The camera is one of the most important factors that lead you to buy a new phone. This is the era of social media and you cannot spend a day without interacting with online friends. You love to capture and share beautiful memories with friends. Other than entertainment, people shoot vlogs and earn money through their smartphones. If your phone is not fitted with a high-quality camera then you cannot enjoy the above pleasures. 

Oale DB1 is equipped with 5MP rear and 5MP front camera. It offers you the same camera quality for both front and back. So that you can shoot pictures and videos of the same quality with both front and back cameras. 

Oale DB1 Battery Performance  

When it comes to battery performance you cannot compromise. Because the battery is the vital part of a mobile phone you cannot compromise. If your phone doesn’t have high-quality battery performance then you fail to enjoy all other features. Leaving for a business meeting but the phone is not charged is one of the most miserable situations. Therefore Oale understands your demands and offers you a high-performance battery with 3750mAh. The battery is removable which means you can keep multiple batteries at one time and enjoy a full day without getting out of charge. People who live in areas where load shedding is a common issue should keep spare batteries to save their life. 

Oale DB1 Fingerprint Unlock Feature  

Oale DB1 promises to give you a high-end experience of using a smartphone without making your pockets empty. Fingerprint unlock is one of the high-end specs found in expensive models. But Oale DB1 offers you high-quality security features. It makes sure that nobody accesses your phone without your permission. That’s why Oale DB1 is designed with a rear-mounted fingerprint unlock feature to keep your phone secure all the time. 

Oale DB1 Connectivity 

Oale DB1 doesn’t limit the connectivity features and allows you to get connected to people all the time. Other than the 4G mobile data feature you get WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS functions. You can also share your mobile data with your friends through the mobile hotspot feature. 


How much is Oale DB1 in South Africa? 

Oale DB1 is available in South Africa for only 1399.99 Rands. You can buy Oale DB1 online and can find multiple deals on it. 

Can we use Oale DB1 for gaming? 

Oale DB1 is equipped with 1GB RAM which is enough to run all the applications and games smoothly. But you shouldn’t use it for high-resolution and heavy games. Avoid multitasking or installing multiple apps at one time. 

Is Oale DB1 good for students? 

Yes, Oale DB1 is one of the best choices for students. They can take their online lectures using Oale DB1 and also install apps. The reliable cost of Oale DB1 makes it a perfect choice for students. 

Final Word

If you are searching for a reliable, comfortable, and affordable mobile phone then choose Oale DB1. It is one of the best mobile phones in the market out there. It is equipped with all top-notch features without adding extra charges. It allows you to explore the beauty of nature with its wide screen and cutting-edge technology features. You can install your favorite social media apps and do whatever you want to do. Creativity never ends when you have Oale DB1 in your hands. 

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