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6.6 inch HD Display Dual Sim Card  32GB Internal Memory 3GB RAM 8MP Back Camera 5MP Front Camera Finger print unlock 3800 mAh Removable Battery Bluetooth/Wifi/GPS Oale has promised to deliver high-quality products at reliable...
  • 6.6 inch HD Display
  • Dual Sim Card 
  • 32GB Internal Memory
  • 3GB RAM
  • 8MP Back Camera
  • 5MP Front Camera
  • Finger print unlock
  • 3800 mAh Removable Battery
  • Bluetooth/Wifi/GPS

Oale has promised to deliver high-quality products at reliable rates. Oale mobile phones provide the best value for money as they offer true entertainment. A mobile phone can become your best companion. Today, we do most of our routine tasks through mobile phones. We have established our online business with the help of mobile phones. You can do everything with a mobile phone from customers dealing with the payment process. Online businesses are growing even faster on mobile phones. You can deal directly with clients on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other apps. Moreover, vlogging has become an advanced profession for modern youth. But all of the above things can be done with a high-quality mobile phone.


Oale Note 10 Pro

Oale note 10 pro comes with top-quality features for an advanced quality mobile phone experience. You can do better with the Oale note 1o pro, whether it’s an online business or Vlogging. Now be more social with Oale note 10 pro as it allows you to download and use modern social media apps. The Oale note 10 pro has everything you need to spend a peaceful day. Other than business dealings you can experience enhanced quality entertainment with this phone. Among all the Oale series, the Oale note 10 pro is the best phone that is equipped with all top-quality specs to fulfill your needs and requirements.

Oale Note 10 Pro Design

The Oale note 10 pro is designed aesthetically beautiful with a matte back finish. Its sleek smooth finishing gives a stunning look and makes it the most stylish model. Other than aesthetics, curved edges construction makes it ergonomic. You don’t feel fatigued while holding it. The curved edges ensure a firm grip and prevent accidental falls. It is available in three vibrant colors black, blue and green.
Oale note 10 pro is designed with 6.6 inches HD display to provide you a true experience of watching your favorite movies. Now explore the world and enjoy your favorite games on a wider screen with HD resolution. When a Sleek slim design combines with an HD display, you feel like you have got the ideal device.

Oale Note 10 Pro Special Feature

A mobile phone without a special security feature, cannot be ideal. That’s why Oale note 10 pro comes with a rear-mounted fingerprint unlock feature. No matter, where are you? Your phone is totally secured with a fingerprint unlock feature. No one can steal your password as you don’t have to type it. Just a single touch can unlock your phone without showing people your phone password. A fingerprint unlock feature is not available in low-quality cheap phones. It is a high-end feature available in top-quality mobile phones. This model of Oale allows you to enjoy this top-notch feature without spending a lot of money.

Oale Note 10 Pro Specs

Battery Performance

When it comes to battery performance every one of us gets conscious. If your phone doesn’t have a high-quality battery you cannot enjoy its other features. But Oale note 10 pro comes with top quality 3800mAh battery. This high-quality battery gets fully charged in no time to give you an enhanced experience throughout the day. Oale is known for its high-performance mobile phones because it manufactures phones with superior quality batteries. The battery of Oale note 10 pro is removable which is another plus point. You can keep multiple batteries if you are going to areas where there is no electricity supply.

Storage and Speed

When it comes to storage and speed you cannot compromise on low storage and poor speed. Oale knows better, therefore it allows you to store large files without getting affected. The Oale note 10 pro features 32GB ROM and 3GB RAM. Both combine to run all the mobile apps smoothly. Oale note 10 pro allows you to download and run multiple apps at one time. Thanks to its 3GB ROM you can enjoy your favorite movies and games without any disturbance. 32 GB ROM is enough to store all of your data and apps.

Oale Note 10 Pro Camera

The camera is a feature we cannot compromise on. Everyone loves to take selfies and record videos of memorable events. Oale respects your emotions towards your exciting life events. Therefore Oale notes 10 pro comes with an 8MP back camera that allows you to discover and record the hidden treasure of nature. You can shoot for your social media posts. If you love to take selfies during parties and family gatherings then Oale note 10 pro offers you a 5MP front camera. It allows you to capture every moment precisely without missing a single detail.

Oale Note 10 Pro Connectivity

Experience the joy of connectivity with Oale note 10 pro. It allows you to share files through internet data, WiFi, Bluetooth, and much more. With Oale note 10 pro you get GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, and high-speed internet. You can also share your data with your friends through a mobile hotspot. Oale note 10 pro breaks all the limits and gives you an enhanced quality experience of enjoying life moments.


What is the price of Oale Note 10 Pro in South Africa?

Oale note 10 pro is available at only 1850 Rand. There are multiple online platforms offerings Oale note 10 pro at different rates. But on this site, you will experience the best rates and high-quality services.

Does Oale note 10 pro support dual sim?

Yes, Oale note 10 pro supports dual SIM so that you can enjoy the exciting offers of two different networks on the same phone.

Can we use Oale note 10 pro for gaming?

Yes, you can use this phone for gaming, thanks to its 3GB RAM. Its 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM allow you to download and play multiple games with high speed and accuracy.

Final Word

If you are searching for a reliable, comfortable, and high-end mobile phone without crossing your budget limits. Then choose Oale note 10 pro. This phone comes with all top-quality features to fulfill the requirements of users. Whether it's about vlogging, gaming, or enjoying movies, you can do whatever you want to do with this phone.

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