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Mobile phones are one of the basic needs we can’t live without. We know that it’s the basic communication tool we often use. But these day’s mobile phones have become more than just a communication source. That’s why various companies and brands have started manufacturing advanced quality mobile phones. Mobile phones of modern times are transformed form of a computer as they can perform any task a computer can. We often get our job/business-related work done through a mobile phone. But modern technology has induced a lot of advanced features and specs in a mobile phone that we love to taste new models.

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If you are also a mobile phone lover and want to taste the exciting features of every make and model of famous brands then try JK phones have a huge variety and collection of all modern mobile phone brands. You can choose and buy your favorite mobile phone model online through We have the top collection of the best mobile brands in South Africa. Now you don’t need to leave the comfort of your own home to buy a cell phone from a shop. At our online cellular shop, you can find your favorite mobile phones at competitive rates.

What do the JK Phones Offer?

JK phones is an online cellular company that sells mobile phones, tablets, parts, accessories, and multiple cellular devices to our customers in South Africa. When it comes to buying mobile phones of your favorite brand and model then look no further. Because JK phones have everything you crave for. We keep all types of smartphones and accessories at both retail and wholesale prices. Not only the customers but the shopkeepers can also choose the JK phones for our latest collection and competitive rates.

Mobile Phone and Tablets

We offer cellular devices of famous brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Oale, Invens, Itel, Nokia, Hisense, and much more. You can find the best deals on all of the above brands. You can also choose the installments method to buy your favorite device. In addition, you can also find Hope, Mi One, and Maxfone smartphone models. In this list, the JK phones are the co-founder of Invens phones. We make sure to provide high-quality mobile phones equipped with all modern technology features at the best rates.

Mobile Phone Accessories

We make sure to fulfill all of the customer demands under one roof. Therefore along with the huge collection of cellular devices, we also offer various accessories. We make sure that you find everything you need under one roof. In this way, you can save on delivery charges and enjoy many other deals. JK phones offer you batteries, cables, headphones, chargers, power banks, mobile covers, speakers, touch, LCDs, and much more. You can also find wireless headphones and other accessories at JK phones.

Retail Prices

JK phones are known for providing the latest mobile phone models at competitive rates in South Africa. Our customers love the JK phones because we keep prices low as compared to the other market values. You can buy from a tablet to a mobile phone, from a headphone to mobile cover at JK phones. We keep our collection updated so that you don’t miss any latest model from your favorite brand. With our reliable customer services and affordable retail prices, we have got huge popularity in the online smartphone selling market of South Africa.

Wholesale Prices

The shopkeepers who want to resell smartphones of modern brands can also approach the JK phones. For the wholesalers, we have a huge collection and great deals. Resellers all around South Africa can find the best deals on their favorite brands at JK phones. We offer competitive prices so that the resellers can make a good profit. Other than wholesale items you can also find great deals and pay the amount in the form of installments.


Do JK phones have a collection of Samsung phones?

Yes, JK phones have a huge collection of all new and old Samsung models. You can find all old models that are no longer available but on our site. Also, the latest Samsung phones are listed at competitive rates.

Are there apple phones available?

Yes, you can find all the new and old models of apple phones. You can also search for second-hand apple phones at JK. You can also choose the installment method to buy your favorite iphone model.

Can we get second-hand models from JK phones?

Yes JK phones have a huge collection of second-hand mobile phones and accessories. We ensure that the devices are in good condition and worth each penny you pay for.

Why JK phones?

You must be wondering that there are multiple cellular companies online then why JK phones? Your concern is acceptable because there are a lot of cellular companies working in South Africa. When it comes to trust, loyalty, customer support services, the latest collections, and many more benefits you cannot find any other company other than JK. We have promised our customers to offer them great deals on advanced mobile phones. Whether you need a high-end apple phone or an intermediate quality phone, just browse JK phones. We offer a huge collection of different models with detailed specs. Our transparent product details make you trust us. Our transparency is our trademark as we don’t keep any hidden charges. You get what you pay for that’s it.

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