Oale Phone

Oale is one of the best mobile phone brands that claim to provide a huge collection of smartphones equipped with advanced features at competitive prices. Oale has launched a number of series of mobile phones. Decent prices are one of the most attractive things about Oale. Other than Oale offers mobile phones equipped with modern features and specs. Oale uses the latest technology to manufacture top-quality mobile phones. You would love the designs of Oale phones as the manufacturer never misses the factor of aesthetics.

Oale Phone Design

Oale phones are the most stylish smartphones in the market out there. Different series of Oale phones cherish with their sleek and smart designs. Oale generally keeps their phone’s design ergonomic so that you don’t feel fatigued while carrying it. Also, the curved edges ensure high-end comfortability and prevent the phone from dropping. You can carry and use your phone without having fatigue fear or accidental fall. Also, Oale phones are available in a number of different colors. You can see a large number of color options in each series containing different models. You can choose from black, green, gray, blue and many more.


Oale Phone Series

There are a number of series of Oale phone you can discover. Oale categorizes mobile phones in series according to their design, technology, and features. Each series has its own specific models designed with the latest technology.

Oale Note Series

The Oale note series is the latest one that contains Oale note 10 pro and Oale note 20. Both models are designed aesthetically beautiful. Oale Note 10 pro is available in three vibrant colors such as mystic black, phantom blue, and wizard green. On the other hand, you can find note 20 in sapphire blue, phantom blue and, mystic black. Both models are equipped with modern and latest technical features.

Oale PP Series

There is only one model listed in the Oale PP series that is Oale PP1. Oale is available in three vibrant colors such as pink, black, and light green. Oale pp1 is powered by a 4000mAh battery that delivers power for whole day use. With a 6.1-inch high-definition screen you can enjoy your favorite movies and games. Also rear fingerprint feature you can keep your phone secure all the time.

Oale DB Series

There are five exciting models launched in the Oale DB series. Oale db1, db1 pro, db2, DBX, and DBS. All models are designed aesthetically beautiful in sleek and stylish looks. Oale dbx is the latest model in the series that is equipped with a 5000mAh battery. It is available in three attractive colors such as gold, graphite black, and sierra blue. You would love the DB series due to its stylish looks and stunning features.

Oale XS Series

There are five stunning models launched in the Oale XS series. The series includes XS1, XS2, XS2, PRO, XS3, and XS5. Oale XS3 and XS5 are the latest models in this series. There is no big difference in both models other than screen size. XS3 has a 6.26-inch screen while XS5 has a 6.6-inch high-definition screen. Battery and overall performance are almost the same.

Oale CC Series

There are four models launched in the Oale CC series including CC1, CC2, CC3, and CC5. There is no big difference in all models but still, every latest model is an improvement. Oale claims to believe in continuous improvements. Therefore you can feel improvement in each new model as compared to the older one. Almost all the models in the Oale CC series are aesthetically stylish and technically smart.

Oale Q Series

If you love to keep keypad mobile phones then the Oale Q series needs to be considered. Oale Q series features top-quality keypad mobile phones with advanced quality specs. Oale Q series includes Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5, Q6, and Q7 with the latest updates. Each model of the Q series is upgraded with advanced technical features.

Oale A Series

Contrary to the Oale Q series the A series contains both keypads and touchpads. It contains high-quality keypad mobile phones where A10, A20, and A30 are stylish smartphones. All of the Oale A series smartphones are equipped with 3050mAh batteries. Oale A01, A02, A03, A05, A2160, A2173, A5606, and A5616 are of superior quality keypads. In this series, you can find a huge collection according to your choice and requirements.


Which is the latest Oale phone in the market?

There are almost seven series of Oale phones. Oale makes sure to upgrade and update each series. On average Oale Note, 20 is the latest possible model. It is equipped with advanced quality features you would love. Note 20 is available at 1800 rand in South Africa.

Which Oale mobile phone features maximum mAh battery?

Oale dbx is equipped with a 5000mAh battery possibly maximum mAh in all series.

Does Oale offer mobile phones in different colors?

Yes, Oale mobile phones are available in different vibrant colors. Each model is available in a minimum of three different colors. You can choose your favorite model in your favorite color.

Are Oale phones cheaper than others?

Oale phones are available at different prices. Since Oale phones are listed in different series each series contains different models. You can find a high-end phone like Oale Note 20 and a cheap phone from Oale Q and A series.

Final Word

When you don’t have a lot of money to spend but you want to enjoy the latest features of a smartphone, then choose Oale. Also if you are in search of a variety of mobile phones from one brand then Oale should be your top choice. Oale offers you a huge variety of different mobile phones categorized in multiple series. In this way, you can choose your favorite item according to your choice and requirements. Each mobile phone has the latest features and specs that would make you fall in love with them. Oale phone is the brand that promises to give you updated and stylish models equipped with top-quality features. Here are listed the best selling Oale phones in the market you should try.