Invens Phone South Africa

Invens is comparatively a new brand in the smartphone market, however, it is well known across South Africa and worldwide because of the quality it delivers in its smartphones. Not everyone is capable of affording flagship smartphones introduced by popular brands, but it doesn’t mean that you have to make compromises on the quality of your gadget. Invens provides low budget customers with quality gadgets at an affordable price. Therefore, it has gained immense popularity in South Africa and people love to buy invens smartphones and enjoy quality features without spending a lot.


The stand out factors of Invens smartphones are quality features in low price, top class hardware, exceptional build quality, great cameras, better reliability, durable gadgets, and great after sales services. When you can get all of these in an affordable price tag that fits your budget then why consider spending more on mid-range smartphones of other brands. Every single unit of Invens phone is aimed to deliver quality without stressing your pocket. From the very beginning of its business, Invens as a smartphone brand is setting up new records of sales and quality standards for its competitors. You can get your favorite invens phone South Africa wide through JK Phones.

JK Phones and Invens Phone:

There is a very close relation between Invens and JK Phones from the very beginning of its introduction across South Africa. JK Phones is proud to be the co-founder of Invens smartphones in order to provide low budget smartphone users with quality gadgets at an affordable price without any sort of compromise on the quality and features. JK Phones joined hands with Invens because of a mutual objective that is comforting customers in the best way possible, this is why JK Phones and Invens both enjoy immense popularity across entire South Africa

Why JK Phones for Purchase of Invens Phone:

JK Phones is all about delivering quality both in terms of products and services across South Africa. Our ultimate priority is comfort of our customers and we do everything to make sure that our customers are happy and satisfied with our services. As a reliable smartphone and accessories seller in South Africa, JK Phones makes sure that privacy of our customers remains intact. Additionally, we also make sure that our customers get their ordered products delivered at their stop timely without any kind of delays. To comfort our customers, we offer a secure payment transaction method on our website that keeps sensitive data of our customers confidential and safe from the reach of any security breach. We also make sure that our customers don’t face any issues during the entire process, to resolve their confusions our customer support team is available 24/7. If there are any queries regarding delivery of a product or repairs. JK Phones and Invens both believe in quality after sales services therefore, if any customer faces any issue during use of Invens phone sold by us, they can come to us for repairs. We will make sure they get their phone repaired under Invens’ warranty as quickly as possible.