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Is there going to be a Samsung Galaxy A72?

by Asif Jamil 09 Nov 2021

A series is the Samsung’s most popular lineup. You will hear find the largest number of phones in this lineup. Samsung a72 can be called the highest-end model of this family. The design of a72 is very much similar to a52 and you can get the phone in four trendsetting colors: white, black, blue, and violet.

Samsung Galaxy a72 5g Specs

  • 6.7" Screen display
  • 256GB ROM
  • 8GB RAM
  • 64MP rear camera
  • 32MP selfie camera
  • Android 11
  • Glass front 
  • Plastic back
  • Resolution : 1080 x 2400 pixels
  • 20:9 ratio
  • 5000mAh Battery

Awesome screen, real smooth scrolling

 Samsung galaxy a72 has an immersive 6.7-inch infinity-O display which will ultimately supersize your view. Alongside, when you are gaming or scrolling, its features including Eye Comfort Shield would lower the blue light, and Real Smooth will keep your view smooth too. Above all, Samsung a72 also has FHD+ Super AMOLED display.

Setting a new standard for stunning design

The impeccable design of Samsung a72 comprises comfortable, sleek curves. Its rear camera would end up giving you an iconic look as well because of the matte finish.

Awesome camera, always sharp and steady

Samsung a72 has a 64MP Main Camera with ultra-high resolution. Furthermore, it has OIS along with the powerful main camera for clear, crisp photos throughout the day. You can even expand the viewing angle because of the ultra-wide camera.

Catch details with OIS in low light

It’s high time to say bye to your blurry photos and videos. Optical Image Stabilisation is there to help you with stabilizing your shots to keep the motion smooth even in the low light. Moreover, you can even now brighten up your low light shots because Samsung a72 camera will pull in more light.

Pro-quality photos from three perspectives

You can expand your field of vision by starting with 12MP ultra-wide camera. The shots would truly capture it all. Also, you can easily crop down with its 64MP wide-angle camera.

Macro camera covers the tiny details too

Samsung galaxy a72 has a 5MP macro camera which would help you to bring out the tiny details in your picture. Nevertheless, it also allows your subject to stay distinguished from the background by applying natural bokeh effect to the pictures.

High-resolution front camera alternatively meaning chic selfies

 With its 32MP front camera, clear, high-resolution selfies throughout the day are no more a problem now. In addition to this, you can also make your face become the star with the help of its bokeh effect gently blurring the background.

Now you can enjoy underwater pictures

Astonishingly, your new Samsung galaxy a72 can even stand up to 1 meter of water that too for up to 30 minutes. It has been rated IP67 for dust and water resistance. Thereby, it is absolutely fine to keep on playing as well as capturing even if your phones get a little wet.

Envelop sound in the palm of your hand

It has two speakers. One speaker among the two is on its top and the other one is at the bottom of the phone. Such arrangement of the speakers will let you experience stereo audio and that too without earphones. Furthermore, its cinematic sound will take your movie night or favorite games to the next level.

Awesome battery

Now, you will have more time to do sharing, streaming, gaming, or whatever you love because of Samsung a72 5000mAh battery. It possesses AI power management as well. This mentioned feature will detect and adjust to your habits of mobile usage. Moreover, Samsung a72 quickly gets back to full power with up to 25W of super-fast charging.

An awesome android experience, always 

What’s more? Even the latest google apps on the Android OS are here fully supported on the new Samsung galaxy a72.

At your service 24/7

Buy now and enjoy the advanced features of this new galaxy a72. You never need to fret over it because the helpline will let you troubleshoot problems whenever you need the extra assistance. Furthermore, the Samsung Members app also possesses optimization and interactive diagnostics that would let you easily tune up the performance and working of your device.


How can you make a video call with the Duo app on your galaxy phone?

It is no more a problem because using Wi-Fi or cellular data, you can stay in touch face-to-face with your friends and family anytime. It is important for you to know that using the Google Duo app by default, you can make a video call on your galaxy phone. Furthermore, you can even refer to the guide in order to make a video call with your galaxy phone.

Are you worried about the rattling sound you hear when you shake your phone?

We understand that you might be wondering about the sound that you hear when you shake your new galaxy a72. Do not fret over it, your phone is fine. That sound maybe because of the OIS feature because that might make a small sound inside the device.

Is Samsung a72 5g waterproof?

Yes, Samsung a72 comes with IP67 certified water and dust resistance and that too for that extra bit of peace of mind when you are out and about.

Is Samsung a72 good for gaming?

Your Samsung a72 is a pretty decent device that can handle most games for you with medium to high settings. Furthermore, it also offers you a good battery life with its 90Hz refresh rate as well as a pretty good amount of gaming. 

When was the new Samsung galaxy a72 launched in the market?

The release or launch date of Samsung galaxy a72 is 26th March, 2021.

Make sure that the protective film on your new galaxy phone is completely removed

It is rather important for you to know that in order to protect your new galaxy device during production and distribution, it may be covered with film or protective vinyl. However, if you do not remove that and use your new device without removing the protective film after purchasing it, it may cause various problems. Thereby, it is highly recommended that you remove all of its protective film first.


A72 has a bigger battery and a bigger screen than galaxy a52 along with an extra three-time zoom camera. Therefore, it is worth the price premium.

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