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Maxfone Max 20s


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Maxfone Max 20s Specifications 6.6 inch HD Water Drop Display Android 10       Dual Sim Card  8GB Internal Memory 1GB RAM 5MP Back Camera 5MP Front Camera Finger print unlock 3350 mAh Removable Battery Bluetooth/Wifi/GPS...

Maxfone Max 20s Specifications

  • 6.6 inch HD Water Drop Display
  • Android 10      
  • Dual Sim Card 
  • 8GB Internal Memory
  • 1GB RAM
  • 5MP Back Camera
  • 5MP Front Camera
  • Finger print unlock
  • 3350 mAh Removable Battery
  • Bluetooth/Wifi/GPS


Accessories: Screen Protector, Cover, USB Cable, Charger, Battery

Maxfone max 20 is not only a communication tool but your planning tool as well. You want to take a call, chit chat to your friend, video call to your dear ones, or want to capture your golden memories and beautiful time, Maxfone Max 20 is the best tool, who can understand your need and wishes as well.

In a very affordable price now you can buy a smart phone, yes, a truly smart phone, Maxfone Max 20 is a very helpful and status-co gizmo. Maxfone 20s is not a simple gadget or a communicative machine only, it can change your life truly. Its colorful and bright screen can change your scene, view of the world, how you want to look your world and how’s your world is? So, its time to change yourself, change the old thoughts.

Maxfone, incredible versatile device, can be your identity, your status symbol as well. In terms of cost efficiency and quality, Maxfone max 20 is the best choice now a days. Our cell phone is a very powerful planning tool as well. Via calendar app and schedule, your Maxfone max 20 will be able to enter your special events and change it whenever you need with the touch of a finger. Its so easy and handy to do that you will definitely enjoy it.

My dear ones, actually it’s time to buy such a truly smart phone in such a cost-effective price. JKFones provides best quality in the town with most efficient way. We know our customers and their needs. Our competitors are our identity. You trust, we deliver.


Maxfone Max 20s Water Drop Display

The water drop display is a new technology that is introduced in iPhone XS. Our Maxfone max 20s is also having this technological feature. In short we can claim that we are more closer to new and fastest technology.

Maxfone Max 20s a Reminder

Maxfone Max 20 reminds you your important appointments, build and redesign your calendar and schedule with your family, friends and work place’s colleagues.

Maxfone Max 20s Learning Activities

Maxfone 20s can fulfill your work place requirements as well. There are many apps that can be used to complete and collect your manuals and reference material as well. Through Maxfone max 20s, you will only need to reach for your pocket to get anything you need to accompany you during all of your learning activities.

Maxfone Max 20s More than a Communication Device

Our customers are valuable for us. That’s why JK phones offers communication a little bit further. Not only you will be able to call and send text messages, but you will also be able to send e-mails and connected with your social media accounts and socio friends and relatives.

Maxfone Max 20s a Small Computer

Maxfone max 20 is a so-called small computer accompany with you. You are on job, on walk, in a party, at walk, wherever you are, your idealized smart phone is connected with your family, boss and most important your friends.

Maxfone Max 20, an Ideal Smart Phone

Maxfone max 20s specs are so much interesting and idealized that in this price you can get your dreamy smart phone easily. Some people believe that a smart phone and its brand is a reflection of your class and personality as well. At JK phones, we believe that our customers are priceless and their believe is also matter of concern for us. That’s why we try to figure out our client and provide them best quality in the market as well.

Maxfone Max 20s Front & Back Cameras

Our 5MP front and 5MP back camera is another big excellence.  Maxfone max 20s not only shows big but very much close to original as well. Madness towards selfies, capturing nature, golden moments of parties or want a full HD video of your wedding anniversary or birthday party of your son, Maxfone max 20 is the best choice that can take care of your desires with love.

Maxfone Max 20s Ideal Display

Maxfone 20s display matters a lot. With 6.6 inch HD Display, now you can see your world with a different angel and perspective, more brighter, most elegant. When it comes to your phone screen, size really does matter. Now small screens are isn’t a phone, we are moving towards a new age of smart phones. Folding screens, big screens, HD screen, brighter and wider screen is identity of this present era. It’s a fact that when cellphones introduced, most of us still relied on our desktop computers. But after that, technology reveals and mobile phone manufacturers try to create and discover some thing very much new and handy and well so that life could be easier and a phone could one day replace that desktop never occurred to most of us.

Maxfone Max 20s Figure Lock Sensor Identity

First time in 2018 fingure print sensor introduced in smart phone technology. Although its not fully functional at that time but now a days people try to find an app that is smarter in terms of figure print scanners. Maxfone max 20s giving best figure print scanner display to our customers because we know privacy rules and want to lock and save your memories and contacts as well.

Maxfone Max 20s Removeable Battery

Through our removeable battery function, Maxfone max 20 has many benefits. The most obvious one is user replacement after the old one dies.


How much is Maxfone now?

According to South Africa market, Maxfone max 20 is available in ₦31,600. In this price, Maxfone is a reasonable smart phone that can fulfill all your needs of connection and communication. With big display we can show better view of your world.

Has Maxfone Max 20s been Discontinued?

No, Not yet, Maxfone max 20s is available at your nearest store. With its beautiful and stunning specs, Maxfone max 20 is waiting for you. Buy and enjoy this beautifully designed smart gadget.

Maxfone 20s Review

JK Phones always believe on quality. That’s why our team always try to make your life easy and hassle free. Our team never compromises on trust and quality. So, feel free in giving any review and rate our technology as ell so that our trust level must be increase more successfully. Jk phones believes that customer is always right, because we value you and honor your opinion as well. Maxfone 20s ‘s water drop display, memory, camera effects, android technology and many other things are not only unique but JK phones is trying to make them more reliable for you. With 3-D technology, our buyers can feel more lively images. Due to Android 10 technology, different rendy mobile apps are working very quickly in Maxfone 20s. JK phones understands that now a days, Mobile technology is technology that goes where the user goes. It consists of portable two-way communications devices, computing devices and the networking technology that connects them. Your comments make us stronger and also making our technology trendier and more reliable. So, feel free in rating us as well, we value your comment.

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