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5.5 inch IPS Display Dual Sim Card  8GB Internal Memory 1GB RAM 8MP Back Camera 3050 mAh Removable Battery Bluetooth/Wifi/GPS Maxfone MF2 Now a days smart phones are become part of our life. Every generation...
  • 5.5 inch IPS Display
  • Dual Sim Card 
  • 8GB Internal Memory
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8MP Back Camera
  • 3050 mAh Removable Battery
  • Bluetooth/Wifi/GPS
Maxfone MF2

Now a days smart phones are become part of our life. Every generation wants smartest smart phone, that should be more handy, easy to use and definitely looking smart in your hand and with your personality. JK phones presents such variety that is not only smart but fast forward this smart technology and you will see that you can do virtually anything on smart phone.

Important weather updates, important emails, browsing, social generation, fashion, news, games…in short each and every category is covered by our Maxfone MF2.

Maxfone MF2 is such a handy and technologically stylo gadget that can boost your smartness as well. You can book a ride, respond to emails, navigate to different places, click amazing photos or can watch your favorite movie or show on your smart phone on different streaming applications. Not only this but our valuable customer can easily manage their schedule on their smart Maxfone MF2 machine.

Maxfone MF2 allows you to save photos and videos on your device and share the joyful moments with your dear ones. You can capture the beautiful moments on the go while you are travelling, party with friends, or at home and want to capture your beautiful golden moments as your old gold memories. Now with your Maxfone mf2 you never feel lonely as you can watch your lifelong moments by just one click.

Maxfone MF2 is your best planners as well. This device can manage and scheduled your daily routine and important life events according to your priorities.  Maxfone MF2 offers so much in cost efficient budget that you can do nearly every thing on a smartphone and that is truly remarkable. It is a fact that smartphones have been around for over 5 years but have never been as popular as they are now.

There are 24000 android phones in the market from 1300 brands. In such a big market of smart phones JK Phones create and manage their identity successfully.


Maxfone MF2 Key Specs

  • 5 inch IPS
  • Dual sim card
  • 8GB internet memory
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8mp back camera
  • 3050 mAh
  • Removeable battery
  • Bluetooth/wifi/GPS

Maxfone MF2’s Display

With 5.5 inch IPS, Maxfone mf2 is a best opportunity. You can see your world brighter, bigger and definitely clear. It is scientifically proven that big screen increases overall productivity by 30% to 50%. And also boosts your reading comprehension. So, Maxfone mf2 try to fulfill their clients need and maximum requirement.

According to Maxfone mf2’s specs, JK Phone's this small gadget allows people to get news and updates immediately, whether it is through mobile app or the browser.    

Dual Sim Card

With the help of dual sim, Maxfone mf2 try to manage your account more efficiently and connection savior. By the use of dual sim card our customer can easily manage their account.

8GB Internet Memory

You want to see your favorite show or any movie or any other videos on different streaming applications. Maxfone mf2 is a best option for you that can not only fulfill your need but also you can experience a new world of internet.


Basically, RAM is Random Access Memory. With the help of 1GB RAM, Maxfone mf2 can boost up different apps and will boot up quicker.

8MP Back Camera

Another strength of our Maxfone mf2. Now with big screen, click wider image easily and feel the difference.

3050 mAh

Maxfone mf2’s specs are not only unique but priceless also. Maxfone mf2 has 3050mAh, and it is a big mark of excellence on JK Phones success.

Removeable Battery

Another feature is Maxfone mf2’s removeable battery. Now your smart phone is more secure and easy to handle in case of any battery issue. You can change the battery and apply new one easily.


And definitely for sure JK Phones are at its excellence. Our Maxfone mf2 has blue tooth/wifi/GPS services.

Maxfone MF2’s Price

Prices of smart phones are for sure matters a lot. Some big brands of smart phones industry sell only big budget machines and gadgets. Their price is their identity. But, at JK Phones, we think about our customers. Our customer is our first priority. We try to cover needs and requirement of our customer and try to satisfy him with the best quality that’s why in this market we are not only unique but has our own identity as well.

Our customer can buy Maxfone mf2 in only R1,300. In this price you can get matchless quality specs of JK Phones. A truly smart phone is available in this price that you can get easily.

Now a days there so many different technologies and gadgets used around the world, that’s why phone manufacturers have to make many different versions of a phone. In smart phone industry we called these different phone versions as Variants. Now, in the world, there are more than 24000 different android devices.  These 24000 different android devices are belonged to 1300 brands. So, it’s a big market of smart phones. In this quality and quantity-based market, JK Phones has their own identity and strength.

Maxfone mf2 has many variants. First of all, this phone is introduced with keypad. With keypad features, Maxfone mf2 successfully has make its own valuable place in market. And after that success, Maxfone mf2 has been launched as touch screen smart phone. JK Phone's Maxfone mf2 has changed its shape not its quality. We provide best quality in this such low price.

Price is JK Phone's main feature. We not only claim but also deliver good and quality-based product in R.1.300. our Maxfone mf2 have touched so many different areas of our lives and have made them much easier in the process. JK Phone believe on smart technology to become smarter and more helpful, Maxfone mf2’s variant continues to make a huge impact on lives in our community. From the fashion savvy teenager to the super busy mother or a business owner, JKFones can make a world of difference.  


What is the price of Maxfone MF2?

Maxfone mf2 is available in R1,300.00. JK Phones unique specs are its identity. JK Phones, a big name that always provide best quality to their customers.

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