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JK Phones Brings Exciting New Deals On the Event of Valentine’s 2021

by Asif Jamil 09 Feb 2021

With the start of the month of February, comes the indication of the conclusion of winters and a refreshing start of spring which makes surroundings beautiful because of moderate temperature and blooming flowers. Another thing that is exclusive to the month of February is the celebration of love and affection to each other on the 14th of February every year. This tradition is centuries old, people celebrate this event of love and show affection to their loved ones by bringing them flowers and beautiful presents. 

The presents that are given on Valentine's Day hold their own importance and people who receive presents on Valentine's often remember these presents for long times and even throughout their life. So if you are planning to buy your better half or spouse a beautiful and functional phone, the Valentine’s Day is the right moment for you as JK Phones has come up with some exciting new deals on the event of Valentine’s Day this year to help you celebrate your love with your loved ones in the best way possible. 

Here are some details about the deals we are offering that include quality products at discounted prices and free goodies worth hundreds of Rans on Valentine’s 2021:

Samsung A51 + P47 Headphone:

Samsung is one of the largest selling brands worldwide when it comes to smartphones. A51 is the hottest selling smartphone that gathered the attention of many users because of its high-end chipset and futuristic features. It is equipped with 4 HD camera lenses at the back and 1 at the front. Additionally, it comes with a 6.5” display and an in-display fingerprint sensor. The P47 wireless headphone offered by JK Phones to its customers with A51 is also of top-notch quality, making your music-listening experience through Samsung A51 even better. This deal will help you show affection to your loved ones and save around 500 Ran as well.

iPhone 7:

Who doesn’t want an iPhone? It is the premium product by Apple and everyone loves it because of its operating system. It is the best present for your loved ones if they are interested in using iPhones and want to have the best photography experience through their smartphone. JK Phones is offering iPhone 7 with 32 GB internal storage and charger for sale South Africa wide in just 2999 Rands to celebrate love.

Invens H5/H6 + 16 GB Memory Card:

Invens is a renowned brand when it comes to cost-effective smartphones without any kind of compromise on operating system and features. A lot of people across South Africa use the smartphones manufactured by Invens. JK Phones, being the sole proprietor of Invens smartphones across South Africa offers Invens H5 or H6 smartphones on Valentine's 2021 in just 999.99 Rands and a 16 GB memory card.

Samsung A31 + Discover Note 4:

Samsung a31 is yet another super selling smartphone released under the banner of Samsung’s revolutionary A series. It is equipped with high quality lenses at front and back. This smartphone also comes with an in-display fingerprint sensor and not only that you will also get a highly functional Note 4 Plus tab from Discover. This tab is loaded with functionalities and offers efficient output. You can get both these products from JK Phones this Valentine’s for just 5499 Rands. 


Huawei is considered the 3rd largest smartphone seller worldwide and its P series is a hot seller across the world. Considering the appreciation and affection of people for Huawei smartphones, JK phones came up with a special deal on Huawei P40 Lite that will help you save around 300 Rands as you will get a free mimi speaker free.

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