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Use Mobicred to Purchase Mobiles on Installments

by Asif Jamil 10 Dec 2020

Mobile phones have come a long way as compared to the very beginning, at first, they were supposed to enable users to make calls to other people and receive calls from other people without the need for cable connectivity. However, in the year 2020, they have evolved too much that general users prefer using their mobile phones instead of computers for various purposes. This happened due to continuous evolution over a couple of decades, mobile phones or smartphones, as we call them today serve as cameras, phones, gaming devices, social connectivity tools, and much more. These advancements in the mobile phone industry have made smartphones an essential part of our everyday life, so much so, that we can’t even imagine spending a single hour without using our phones. 

Every year, mobile phone manufacturers launch new smartphones with a number of unique features and functionalities. These new features force people to replace their existing smartphones with the new ones. This whole process is repeated every single year. However, not everyone is capable of purchasing new phones every year. JK Phones, a reliable mobile phones and accessories seller in South Africa always looks to serve its consumers through a variety of ways and try to make purchase of mobile phones and accessories easier for everyone. 

We observed that many people want to replace their phone but are unable to do so because of lack of necessary funds at once. We came up with a solution and collaborated with Mobicred to solve this issue and enable our customers to enjoy the latest smartphones without worrying about the arrangement of funds required for the purchase of their desired smartphones at once. Here is how Mobicred and JK Phones can help you get your hands on your desired smartphones without any difficulties: 

Phones From JK and Credit from Mobicred:

JK phones, as a reliable seller, is offering a wide variety of smartphones for sale. You can buy these smartphones easily without worrying about the price required to purchase these phones by signing up for credit from Mobicred. Mobicred works with a motive to make online shopping easier for people which correlates with the objective of JK Phones as well. Therefore, both platforms joined hands with each other to make smartphone users easy and help them buy new smartphones through an easy process. All the users have to do is download the app of Mobicred from Play Store and App Store and provide Mobicred with required details. Once you provide required details, you become eligible for online shopping through the credit provided by Mobicred, there are 1000s of online stores including JK phones where you can buy smartphones, accessories, and various other products easily with the help of Mobicred. You have to pay the amount which you have spent online through a single monthly instalment. With revolving credit you are eligible to buy smartphones and accessories from JK Phones and various other products from other stores easily. You can buy products from online stores with Mobicred and pay later as per your comfort.

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