When it comes to enjoying the high-end features without spending a lot of dollars china’s smartphones come to mind. China is the number one smartphone selling market. MiOne is also a super quality mobile phone series that offers high-end mobile features at exciting prices. 

Xiaomi announced their first smartphone, the Xiaomi MiOne in mid of 2011. Xiaomi is the best china’s number one smartphone selling brand. When Xiaomi introduced MiOne the whole story got changed. 


MiOne Special Characteristics

MiOne is equipped with all top-quality specs necessary to rock the market. But MiOne’s 4-inch LCD, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS (aGPS and GLONASS) makes it an outstanding smartphone. A wider LCD screen allows you to enjoy sports and favorite TV shows with high accuracy. 

When it comes to speed and multitasking MiOne introduces 1GB RAM and 4GB ROM. Moreover, its 8MP camera allows you to take pictures with high accuracy. MiOne attracted customers with its 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm SoC processor.

Why MiOne Smartphones 

MiOne made huge sales in the market after it gets released. MiOne sold more than 100,000 handsets in three hours after official availability in the market. In the first 36 hours, pre-orders packed around 500,000 devices. MiOne wins the trust of customers with both its specifications and market price. The MiOne mobile phones are the best in quality but their process is half of the high-end phones in the market like Samsung and apple. 

MiOne Online Store by JK Phones:

JK Phones already knows that MiOne is the largest smartphones manufacturer in the world and people love to buy MiOne smartphones, therefore, JK Phones has set up a MiOne online store on its website that includes a wide variety of smartphones from some of the cheapest smartphones offered by MiOne to high-end premium smartphone models, JK Phones sells all of them.

 Why MiOne South Africa from JK Phones:

JK Phones have a wide variety of MiOne smartphones that fits the budget range of most of the customers. We have a number of imported smartphones that are not otherwise available in South Africa but a lot of people want to own them. The whole purchase process is easy and streamlined for customers.

Customers can easily purchase MiOne smartphones through our website, complete the easy payment process with the option of using different payment gateways according to their comfort and get their desired phones delivered at their doorsteps as quickly as possible. The customer support team from JK Phones is always ready to help customers and resolve their valuable issues on an immediate basis. The dedicated customer support team stays available 24/7 to entertain needy customers and respond to their queries.

Secure and Guaranteed:

The MiOne smartphones sold by us in South Africa whether they are imported or not are 100% secure and come under the umbrella of the manufacturer's warranty. Therefore, customers don’t need to worry about the issue of warranty, in case if they are having problems while using smartphones they can ask us for repairs and we will get their smartphone repaired as soon as possible. If the phone doesn’t get repaired in the said time customers can ask for a replacement or a cashback from JK Phones.