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MiOne Q11 Specifications 5.5 inch IPS Display Android 9.0 Dual Sim Card  8GB Internal Memory 2GB RAM 5MP Back Camera 2MP Front Camera Face unlock 2800 mAh Removable Battery Bluetooth/Wifi/GPS  In South Africa, public consider...

MiOne Q11 Specifications

  • 5.5 inch IPS Display
  • Android 9.0
  • Dual Sim Card 
  • 8GB Internal Memory
  • 2GB RAM
  • 5MP Back Camera
  • 2MP Front Camera
  • Face unlock
  • 2800 mAh Removable Battery
  • Bluetooth/Wifi/GPS

 In South Africa, public consider JK phones as a most reliable and trust worth company. JK phones attain this position with long struggle and with their high technology-based products. We never ever compromise on quality. Our competitive production team is all the time ready to meet any challenge and also keep experimenting on different products, their sizes, shapes or software.
Minoe q11 is another big name of quality of JK phones. This mobile is not only unique in its name but in its working also. Minoe q11 is a fashion accessory as well. Because now a days people are more concern about their phone color. That’s why mostly there is a question that now a days which color mobile is in? Minoe q11 is available in blue color, a very radiant color and trendy as well.
With 5.5-inch IPS Display, Minoe q11 is a vibrant mobile set. Due to its large screen, our customer can enjoy more on the phone. You can watch any movie, play any video game, or any other thing with its full zenith. Minoe q11 will never ever disappoint you and your mood. As we all knew that in epidemic days, in the world, all of us have to observe online work and study as well. Students learnt from home for almost one year or more. So, for study purpose, taking online class, Minoe q11 is a best machine. Due to its big display, there is no issue of vision for your child to take class or making notes. Because now online class is in practice and vice versa online study, making notes, searching and many other activities are in practice now.
If you are an office person, then, Minoe q11 is also good gadget for you. You can easily manage your file work, presentations, emails, checking project detail, or any other work because Minoe q11 has internal memory with 2GB RAM. So, there is no issue of space in managing your tasks.


With Android 9.0 technology our customer can play games or working on different apps easily. Dual Sim Card can easily manage your contacts. You can easily differentiate in your workplace contacts and your family, friends and many others. Also, you can enjoy all the time signals due to Dual Sim as some times we are facing signal issues at some places. Due to double Sim Card, there will be no issue of space as well. All your data will be managed in two Sim cards easily. Face unlock app is another feature of our Minoe q11. As we know that everyone needs privacy. Due to our data, our files, pictures, videos, contacts and many other things, now a days everyone demands for privacy. Especially when our kids take our mobile, they are habitual to delete files, because they are used to, to do this practice. So, in this scenario face unlock feature is much reliable and easy to handle app now a days. Due to this feature your mobile and all of your data will be more secure now.
Not only this but Minoe q11’s front and back camera is also a special feature. As we all know that now a days, due to our mobile camera, there is a hidden photographer in us, who want to capture any scene and making videos. We are in a car, going anywhere, in a journey, in a party, in short wherever we are, we are eager to capture all the things through our mobile eye and that is our front and back camera. Now we are more concern about our looks, that’s why selfie mood is on all the time. In search of the best or good one click, we just taking clicks and deleting them.

Price of Minoe Q11

JK Phones believes on trust and quality. This handy and trendy mobile set is available in only R1,000.00. Yes, in only R 1,000.00. Are you amazed? You should be not because JK phones understands you and your needs.
Not only this but JK phones have another installment plan for you as well. If our customer is facing any problem to pay this amount, ok, no issue, we have an installment plan for you as well. You can pay this amount in 4 easy installments. These installments are interest-free. In case of installment, you have to pay R250 only.

How this installment plan works?

Let’s we explain it to you. Payflex lets you get what you need now, but pay for it over four interest-free instalments. You pay 25% upfront, then three payments of 25% over the following six weeks.
Step 1: Shop online and fill the cart.
Step 2: Choose Payflex at checkout.
Step 3: Get approved and pay 25% today with your debit or credit card.
Step 4: Pay the remainder over 6-weeks. No interest. No fees.

There are some points to remember as well:
1. You must be over 18 years old.
2. You must have valid South African ID.
You must have a debit or credit card issued by Mastercard, Visa or Amex.

Minoe q11’s price in South Africa

In South Arica, Minoe q11 is available in R1,000.00 only. Yes, in this price, you can never get above mentioned specs from anywhere. But JK phones brings this golden chance for you because we value our customers and have firm belief in you. Not only this, but, if our valuable customer has any issue to pay this amount, we also have an easy installment plan for you. You can pay this in four easy installments plan (that plan is also mentioned above). JK phones want to make your life easy and hassle free.

Minoe Q11 Reviews

At JK Phones, we never compromise on quality. That’s why our customers trust on us. Minoe q11’s specs are not only trendy but our price is also unique. In this price you could not get such handy gadget. Jk phones is open for their customers. You can rate or comment on our products any time, we value your ratings and comments as well.

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