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Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile/Cell Phone

by Asif Jamil 27 Dec 2021

Cell phones are an essential part of our daily life. We cannot imagine a single minute of our life without our smartphone or internet connection. It has become a vital part of our lives, we need to understand that why it happens. Why cannot we assume our lives without our smartphone or internet connection? Why it has gained so vital a place in our lives? What benefits does it give us? And which disadvantages come with this mobile phone? 

Today, in this article, I am going to reveal all the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones. We will acknowledge the truth about its importance in our daily life. Also, we will try to discover the negative impacts of a mobile phone on our lives. 

Advantages of Mobile Phone 

Let’s start with a positive image because we are not that cruel. We should admire mobile phones if they bring innovation, comfort, and convenience to our daily life. Because communication was the biggest issue when there were no mobile phones. 


People have been communicating through letters and landlines in the past. But we cannot take our landlines along with us throughout the day. This is why smartphones come into our lives. Advanced technology like 4G LTE allows us to communicate more easily with people all around the globe. You can also enjoy video calling through Whatsapp, Imo, Google Dou, and many other applications. This advanced communication system is our weakness of us. Because we cannot handle our business and daily life tasks without getting in touch with each other. 

Connect through social media 

Smartphones are getting more and more advanced. Advanced technology is making the Cell phone a lot more than just a phone. Through, a Cell phone, you can stay connected with your loved ones no matter where you are. If you are living abroad, you can stay connected with your relatives through social media. You can even make video calls, share photos, videos, and other media files with just one click. Social media has made the whole globe one family. We are like one family and can communicate without any hurdle. 

Business promotion 

When everyone has become solarized then our business has also shifted online. These days we use social media to promote our business. A real businessman can know the importance of social media. Because social media has become a digital society. So there is no better place to promote business other than social media platforms. They use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many other platforms to promote their business. After the pandemic of 2020, the importance of online business has been increased to a large extent. Therefore, a mobile phone can be a source of your business success. 

Make money from mobile phone 

These days we have become socialized and shifted our businesses online. Businessmen have sifted business online and the freelancers took their jobs online. This bridge has connected both the entrepreneur and freelancers together and helped both of them to earn a handsome amount of money. You can also make money through Cell by performing some simple tasks. People use different platforms to share engaging content such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This content makes them earn a handsome amount of income every second. 

Help in emergency situations 

Imagine that you are driving a car and got stuck in the mid of the highway. Then what would you do? You would take out your phone and call the closest person in your family or friend. A smartphone can help you when your life is in grave danger. Moreover, you fall sick and need to call the doctor in an emergency then only a phone can save your life. There are a lot of situations where only a smartphone can save you. 

Disadvantages of Cell phone 

Now let's talk about some negative impacts of Cell phones in our daily life. Everything comes with some cons similarly mobile phones also come with some negative points. 

Creates disturbance 

It is not a joke but a reality that a Cell phone is a disturbing tool. It often disturbs us during our important business meetings and other events. You are attending an important business meeting, a single notification can distract your whole concentration. You will end up being blank-minded due to this smartphone. If you don’t want this to happen at any cost you can keep your phone in silent mode while attending meetings. Other than office work it can also disturb you while you are sleeping comfortably in your room. Useless social media notifications can spoil your sleep and leave you uncomfortable. 

Road accidents and other health problems

Using a mobile phone while driving a car or riding a bike can lead to death. The reason behind often road accidents is this Cell phone. You can say that a mobile phone can take your and others' life if not used in a good way. So keep your phone aside while driving. This step will not only save your life but others too. Other than road accidents, the Cell phone is the major cause behind children’s reduced outdoor activities. Kids watch movies and play games throughout the day and have zero interest in outdoor healthy activities. If we keep going like this, we can put the future of our kids in danger. The continuous use of mobile phones can damage your kid's health. 

Harmful Radiations 

If we take look into the old smartphone models. You will find that how harmful they were. The older smartphones models were not made under standard SAR (specific absorption rate). The radiation the Cell phones used to emit caused many diseases like tumors, cancer, immune system disorders, and many others. 

However, modern smartphones are manufactured under standard SAR (specific absorption rate). This is a huge benefit because it can keep you safe from certain diseases. But still, the use of the mobile phone for several hours can make you ill. Use your Cell phone for a limited time period. 

Final Word 

Things are not good or bad because they are only designed according to our needs and requirement. Their use makes them good or bad. If you use electronic devices such as mobile phones in a good way, then they are priceless. A smartphone can help you do almost all tasks of your daily life. you can even start and run an online store successfully with the help of a smartphone. You can make money by recording, editing, and uploading content on social media. A smartphone can make you a successful online entrepreneur, vlogger, and influencer. 

At the same time, if you use your phone for negative purposes, you will end up spoiling your life. You can even put your privacy and life at risk with just one illegal activity. If you are utilizing a smartphone for positive purposes, you are just wasting your precious time. Watching movies or playing games can lead your life towards a huge failure. If you don’t want to waste your precious time, start investing it in some positive activities. The whole world is in your hands you can contact anyone. Therefore keep your goals high and intentions positive. 

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